Want to ride independently, stably & safely on the road with a bike? Do you love to go out together with your partner, but the fear of losing control of the motorcycle dominates? Then opt for the Side by side Huka tandem bicycle Dublin. This ortho bike makes it possible to be mobile. Anyone with mobility constraints can have unlimited fun cycling.

The Duo Bike “Side by Side" is super easy to get used to. Its ergonomic design makes sure a stable and safe ride.

acturers of this bicycle look at individual riders and their needs and want to create a better world for them. They are innovating and optimizing the bikes continuously to make the biking experience bright, equipped with the best materials to ensure optimal comfort.

Side by Side Huka tandem bicycle Dublin features:

The driver and the passenger sit next to each other on this bike. The big advantage is that the driver has a good view of the passenger and the traveller on this bike can look around freely while the driver controls this bicycle. And having a nice chat is so much easier. This side-by-side bike has stable road holding due to its creative construction.

The passenger can also keep on sitting safely while the bicycle is not driving and standing only. This feature is the best to make Side by side Huka tandem bicycle Dublin a social bike very appropriate for the passengers with balance problems. The handlebars are adjustable in height and in angle. This give it an optimum cycling position.

Specification’s buyers should be aware of:

This is made with the best features like

-a parking brake,

-8-speed freewheel,

-easy to use hand brakes,

-hydraulic disc brakes, 

-tough Big Ben anti-puncture tires.


* It's possible to let the passenger pedal briskly, passively or not.

* Eye contact & a pleasant chat is accessible with both riders riding beside each other.

* The handlebars are angle adjustable to optimize the cyclist's position best.

* 10-year warranty on the frame.

Varieties in sizes available online:

  • Inner leg length driver 650-850 mm
  • Inner leg length passenger 650-850 mm
  • Seat height (from the ground) 610 mm
  • Driver maximum load 120 kg
  • Co-driver maximum load 120 kg
  • Seat width per Side 450mm
  • Seat depth per Side 380mm

Accessories to enjoy with Side-by-Side Huka tandem bicycle Dublin:

Electrical support: It is available with a Banfang 250W (PAS-Vario) pedal-assist motor, which makes it easier to pedal and, therefore it's less tiring.

Support & custom made - Furthermore, the extra supports comes with a step-on footboard, armrests, 4 point harness, footplates. No more problems with specific adjustments to your bike

Accessories & options -This bike can be expanded with various accessories and options.

Buying Side-by-Side Huka tandem bicycle in Dublin

You can buy this Huka bicycle from Ability Ireland. They are the top dealers who can support you in the maintenance and possible repairs of this amazing tandem. And to keep it in optimal condition, it is suggested to have them go through with periodic maintenance. Proper maintenance also ensures that your warranty remains definite.