As any franchise player will tell you that you can have just as many hours off the field as you are playing. That's why we determined to Madden 23 Coins make the Franchise Hub feel in tune with your team. no matter if you're at the main hub, adjusting your depth chart , or searching the trade block the background will be adorned with the primary colors of your team and logo.

Streamlined Activity Feed

At times , the Activity List could feel overwhelming. With Madden NFL 23 the emphasis was placed on improving the usability of this critical piece in the hub. Text was trimmed and spam reduced. the new icons are designed to make each action prominent. We have optimized your activity feed so it is easy to navigate to where you're going.

Enhanced Usability

A common omission of how simple a menu system is to use is the font itself. Across Franchise new fonts have been released to increase readability and usability for all features. In the thousands of screens available and the high-quality is evident everywhere.


We have received a ton of great feedback since we completely revamped our Scouting feature in Madden 22 with a post launch Title Update. We've made sure that all of our Scouting improvements we're talking about today are driven by that feedback.

Scout Updates

More than 50 scouts were added to Madden 23. doubling the number of scouts who are free agents by 50 to 100 and increasing the total number of scouts to 260. In addition, we've ensured that every position has at least one scout within each tier , with that particular expertise. Except for Cheap Madden 23 Coins a few exceptions, each position grouping is served by multiple scouts within every tier.