Perfect diary palette this is the earth color system. The earth color is very practical, and it is also the best match with lipstick. It can be said that it can be used almost in bean paste color, earthy orange color, positive red color, etc. if it is matched with Meitong, it can also have a cool hybrid feeling. If you want to buy the earth color system, you can buy this plate to try ~

The painting method of perfect diary palette is also based on the lightest color. The double eyelid is deepened by a similar color system that is 1-2 degrees deeper than the base color. Pay attention to haloing, and finally take the sequin color to brighten the center of the eyelid. The top White is used to brighten the eyes and lay silkworms.

Sisters who don't know much about eye shadow painting generally use this painting method. Don't be afraid that eye shadow won't be used after buying it

I like four-color perfect diary palette more and more. I must take it with me when I go out! Don't worry about color matching at all! It's simply not too convenient! And the color of this dish is super aura. You can match any color of lipstick!! Travel must take!

This perfect diary palette must be my favorite of the year! The powder is particularly delicate, and the color is well matched. Just draw it directly. Novice Xiaobai can also draw good-looking eye makeup! It is also an affordable product that the student party can accept! This dish is really recommended by conscience! Never lose!!