Because, in this cosmic era, the essence of vitality is unchanged. Whether you are in the realm of cultivation, the realm of immortals or the realm of gods, there is no difference between the essence of vitality and the waste stars in the mortal world. The only difference is the concentration. As for the power of immortals or the power of a higher level of gods, it is composed of the most basic forces. It is also because the primordial force of the immortal world and the divine world is too strong, so it will naturally combine into two new primordial forces. In a sense, the power of the immortal and the divine force are only accidental and accidental, just like the spar in the vein. There are top-grade spar, middle-grade spar and lower-grade spar. The true primordial force in the realm of cultivation is the lower-grade spar. The power of the fairy is the crystal of the middle grade, while the power of the God is the crystal of the top grade. The only difference between them is the amount of impurities contained in them. The impurities in the lower grade of spar are removed and purified. Naturally, it will become a top-grade spar, or even a top-grade spar. Fairy power and divine power are also not the strongest power in the universe. The divine power can not even enter the first three, because this power is only a process from quantitative change to qualitative change, which is formed naturally and accumulated naturally. Efficiency is extremely low. The real method of cultivation is to consciously produce the Reiki of different natures in the primordial forces of heaven and earth in accordance with the most suitable arrangement and combination, thus forming a variety of new forces far beyond the natural accumulation. This is the role of the practice method left by Moxiu to Kong Zhuo. In fact. Kong Zhuo also gradually realized this, if did not see Mo Xiu. He himself will also purposefully explore the way of practice in this cosmic era, but now Moxiu has saved him trouble and effort, and he will naturally not be foolish enough to explore by himself,Narrow aisle rack, you know, these practices are not explored by Moxiu alone, these practices include the crystallization of all hermits'efforts. It even includes Hongjun's understanding of the new cosmic origin. Of course, that thing is too profound. Kong Zhuo just looked at it and gave it up completely. What this old thing wrote is deliberately incomprehensible. Fortunately, he doesn't need to understand these profound things for the time being. He just needs to understand the basics. Damn, it's really black enough, completely different cosmic origins can be made by them into the appearance of this person,long span shelving, completely blocking the potential of others, and not afraid of future retribution! Kong Zhuo gently sighed, this is not a long time, two people have come to a similar canyon eroded by wind and sand. This is a huge canyon, across the central area of the entire sand sea, about a thousand miles long, for Kong Zhuo and Ding Yi two people, not long, with their speed, a thousand miles of distance, that is, the blink of an eye, but relative to their size, heavy duty racking system ,heavy duty warehouse rack, shelter is enough. The canyon is very deep, and I don't know how many years of wind and sand erosion have made the landform strange. The sand and stones deposited in the valley are ever-changing, with uncanny workmanship. There are all kinds of shapes, such as animals, pavilions, flying in the sky, swimming in the sea, walking on the ground, as long as your imagination is rich enough. Everything can be found in the sand and stones deposited in this canyon, which is wonderful. Master, it's really nice here! Ding Yi was also fascinated by the scenery in the valley at this moment, and his eyes flashed with splendor, "Let's practice here!" "You can pick a place!" Kong Zhuo smiled and looked at Ding Yi with an excited face. "Well, let's practice here. Anyway, it's good here. At least no one will find out if we make some big noise!" Kong Zhuo looked around, his eyes seemed a little blurred, some things, really can not be found, such as adjusting the direction of the spirit of the earth, for example, re-refining the five-color divine light. This is the information he got from the jade pupil slips that Moxiu gave him, because compared with the old cosmic era, in the new cosmic era, the tolerance of the earth vein Reiki of each big star is extremely limited, even if it is like Tongyou Star, the earth vein Reiki of a planet with a little cosmic original power in the central area is also very fragile. The evil consequence of wanton modification is the disorder of Reiki and the change of heaven and earth. And likewise. The Five Elements Primordial Force Evasion Method cannot be used indiscriminately. Balance, a fragile balance. The nature of the vitality of each great star maintains a fragile balance. Once this balance is broken, then, the whole big star's vitality structure will be affected, this influence can completely change the vitality structure of a big star in many times, can turn a true star into an ordinary star, or even a waste star. God knows why this balance has been formed, but one thing is certain. That is, the five elements method is not applicable in this cosmic era, including the five elements escape method. And Kong Zhuo was also secretly glad that he was performing the five elements method in Tongyou Star. This Tongyou Star was covered by a little cosmic original force. Otherwise, it would be unthinkable, because he not only changed the direction of the earth vein of Tongyou Star, but also used a large earth line method. If this is put in the present God Xiuxing, I'm afraid the magnetic force of the earth's core under the whole vein has been drained by him. Because of this, he gradually saw some potential crises. In this cosmic era, his greatest reliance is the various powerful spells in the previous cosmic era. But obviously, most of them can't be used, or can't be used. Because this spell is used on any big star,Pallet rack beams, unless the blind cat meets the dead mouse. Found a big star like Tongyou Star, otherwise, it will certainly cause chaos in the world.