"All right, today we'll eat fried meatballs, wait, and cook a soup for dinner, all right?" There are seven children at home, Chang Ning can only grind his teeth to recognize, eat it, the home unit issued, bought enough meat, tomorrow to do. Dad, you're the best! Several children jumped up and cheered. These kids! On New Year's Eve, Chang Ning and his seven children began to work early in the morning for their New Year's Eve dinner. Some of the ingredients in their hands were sent by the unit, bought by themselves, and sent by friends in the village. All of them turned into delicious food. In the cold climate, there was no need to worry about the preservation of food. Everyone said that department stores were really good units, with annual salary increases. The welfare is so good that it can be felt most directly from their family's New Year's Eve dinner, which is getting better and better year by year in recent years. In the evening, watching the children drink their favorite orange water, eating a mouthful of oil, this year Changning also poured himself a glass of wine, slowly tasting, putting aside the troubles, their family's life is getting better and better, at least, as a member of the department store, there is no need to experience the lack of taste in life, the most basic requirement of people is to eat, drink,30ml Dropper Bottle, wear and live. Their family is basically solved now, so he drinks a little wine and is intoxicated with himself. As for those who are temporarily put aside all kinds of worries and worries, in the days of the New Year, Chang Ning does not want to mention, the New Year, as long as happy on the line. Every festival fat three catties, Chang Ning looked at a table almost swept away all kinds of dishes, then touched his bulging belly, and finally looked at the children like himself, Chang Ning felt that their family had entered this realm. Who is on duty today? Chang Ning is happy. This is an unlucky child. Would you like to give him a lucky bag of 50 cents more? Waiter! Everyone cheered with schadenfreude. Thanks for your hard work,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, Waiter! Chang Ning stood up and patted his eldest son on the shoulder. The big basin could not hold the dishes. Chang Ning decided to give Xiao 25 cents more New Year's money tomorrow. If I pay a dime, who will wash the dishes? Chang Ning decisively withdrew the decision he had just made. A piece of "big girl's firm eyes, showing the breath of no two prices." Two hair "small two sit on the ground to raise the price, settle to pay back the money." "The big girl's firm eyes did not waver at all." Sanmao said, "One piece, it hurts to think about it. How many things can you buy?" A "big girl no matter, or a piece, I wash, or pull down, I go to play." Deal Waiter eyes in the dishes a few back and forth, and finally, or endure the pain to cut meat, a piece of a piece! "Bring it!" The big girl stretched out her hand to collect money first and then do things. If I owe you, I'll blame you! Waiter is the standard moonlight clan, how much money with how much money, so, is ready to take tomorrow's New Year's money to pay the debt, as for how to play without money behind, Waiter is not worried, there is a kind of little kid, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, without a penny on the body can also mix in the outside for a whole day, Waiter belongs to this kind of little kid. When he has money, he is not stingy to his friends. When he has no money, his friends will not be stingy to him. Yes! The big girl answered earnestly, and Chang Ning realized that the big girl's eyes were really big. I'm your brother. How can I owe you money? Waiter fried hair. "My own brother will settle accounts." The big girl is not compromising at all. Dad, can I ask for tomorrow's lucky money in advance? Defeated by his sister, the waiter turned to the battlefield. No. "Dad is only responsible for watching the play.". The second child, who was deeply hit, wanted to cry without tears. In other words, he was sent by his father to charge the phone bill. He must have a fake sister, no love between father and son, no love between sister and brother, and no humanity. Since you can't afford it, wash it yourself, father, and let's go and play cards. The big girl pulled the younger brothers and sisters below with one hand and the father with the other, and really abandoned her fake brother without humanity. Waiter, pay attention to clean, every time you wash the dishes, you are the most careless, three they do better than you! This is definitely a fake sister, and she didn't forget to kick a few more feet before she left. The final scene is the waiter standing alone in the kitchen, next to a pile of dishes stained with all kinds of oil stains, with an effect, to scrape a few leaves, complete. The author has something to say: the situation of rain has improved these days. During the day, we can finally see the sun and stop raining from time to time. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that today's fungus is because there are many such weather, and the price is much lower than in previous years. It is the welfare of eating fruit, but we have to be careful of poisoning. If you eat fungus, you must be careful. Chapter 122 my friends (part 1). On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Chang Ning did not have any plans to go out. He entertained the children who came home to pay New Year's greetings. He spilled a handful of melon seeds candies and watched his children bring back bags full of the same melon seeds candies. Of course, he also gave seven New Year's bags early in the morning. Each bag contained the same one yuan. The rest of the time, Chang Ning collapsed on his sofa. Good time, how can I live up to myself if I don't collapse. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Chang Ning likes not to sweep the floor, wash clothes or use fire. On the second day of the Lunar New Year, when he returned to his mother's home, he was a son and had no daughter-in-law to return to his mother's home, so he continued to be paralyzed. On the third day of the Lunar New Year, Chang Ning could not be paralyzed even if he wanted to be paralyzed. His aunt's family came early. Cousin, Happy New Year! The first one is Bingbing, who has recovered. Happy New Year to Bingbing! Taking out the New Year's money that has been prepared for a long time, Bingbing is still as happy as before. Aunt and uncle are really a pair of qualified parents. Thank you, cousin! One yuan, Bingbing cheers, or Changning cousin is good, all relatives, she received New Year's money is a unified dime, only Changning cousin gave one yuan, her favorite place is cousin's home, she does not like grandma's home and grandma's home. All right, go and play with the big girl. They are ready to go out to play. They are waiting for you. Big girl, remember to come back for lunch at noon. Looking at their own children can not wait for the appearance, Chang Ning waved his hand and hurried away. What are you busy with? Big girl, little two, three son, little four, little five, little six, little seven, all come here. Aunt hasn't given you lucky money yet. Chang Ning waved,oil dropper bottle, Tian Xingfen waved, let the children not busy go out, all come over. penghuangbottle.com