You Gan laughed sarcastically and said, "Then you are really smart. You quit in time. Otherwise, there will be more abnormal people waiting for you." Mu Qing immediately grabbed Yougan's words and said to the anchorwomen, "You see, he admits that there are more abnormal tasks ahead. Do you still want to continue?"? Don't you feel wronged? Why not be wronged? The female anchors would not cry if they were not wronged, but none of them answered. Yougan didn't care how many people quit the game: "Do any of you want to give up?"? If we give up and go with him, our speedboat will miss one trip. Female anchors are busy shaking their heads: "We can do it, don't give up." Mu Qing felt that these people were crazy: "Your program group tried to please the public with claptrap and forced the anchors to do these disgusting things for the sake of the program effect.". And you anchors, who are willing to do anything for money, don't deserve to be sought after by so many people. Everyone's face is not good. Don't the anchors always play according to the rules? The audience is consuming for happiness. Isn't it a fair deal for them to bring joy to people and get money? If you become an anchor and say everything: I can't do it, I don't want to play, I don't like it, then what does the audience stay in the live broadcast room to watch? Time is not time when you are really a water friend. And why do the local tyrants give money to the anchors? Do they admire how much the anchors despise their money! Those anchors who only care about their own preferences basically have their own jobs or sources of income, never expect to rely on live broadcasting to support themselves, and none of them have become big anchors. Not like Mu Qing, into the live broadcast circle in order to rub the heat,stainless steel 304 pipes, there is an emperor throwing money to hold, by the live broadcast room those who receive red envelopes of water friends called'young master ', really when he is a young master. Didn't he find that he and his water friends in the live broadcast room were in the opposite position? He was giving money, while the water friends were playing the role of "anchor" to make him happy as a "local tyrant father". Yougan didn't want to get entangled with this man, but he couldn't let the readers of the novel and the water friends in the live broadcast room be brought into the ditch by Mu Qing's strange ideas. What you said is reasonable. People with integrity are worthy of everyone's admiration. We vulgar people are not worthy of anyone's praise. "But people admire people who don't bow down for five pecks of rice, not people like you who want five pecks of rice and don't want to bow down.". Only want benefits, but do not want to pay anything,stainless steel tube 304, the world is not so beautiful. You know what your behavior is called, insatiable greed! "The security guard carried him to the speedboat and sent him away now." Before the security guards did not force Mu Qing on board, now see the big boss angry, also regardless of Mu Qing reluctant, two people left and right grabbed Mu Qing's arm, a person quickly lifted onto the speedboat. Watching the speedboat leave at a high speed, Yougan breathed a sigh of relief: "It's finally clean!"! [Host, the protagonist's aura on Mu Qing has disappeared.] "The halo can really disappear." [Did the host expect it?] There has been speculation. If the protagonist's aura will not disappear, how can the world be destroyed and restarted when Mu Qingren is alive? [So you've been experimenting with Mu Qing?] It's not special. I can only say that he came over and I did an experiment by the way. It never mattered to me whether he was the main character or not. Are you not afraid of world destruction? What are you afraid of? It will be restarted anyway. I will always find a solution before the real destruction. 888 kneel down, their own host is worthy of being selected by the world as the villain BOSS man, as expected, beam impact tubes ,impact beam tubes, with a lot of characteristics of the villain. Host, do you know why the world hasn't restarted yet? Want to test me? The leading role has been replaced by Ren Xing. [Why do you know?] If you don't have a leading role, you will have a leading role in the world. I specifically chose the person, I can not know? 【…… Never heard you say that!] "I wasn't sure it would work before, but now I'm sure." Yougan has never forgotten that the setting of this world is "the inspirational story of a talented and beautiful teenager attacking the entertainment circle and making his dream come true". Ren Xing is gifted in acting, and his appearance is outstanding in the entertainment circle. Before that, he was still at a low ebb in his career, and almost could not survive in the entertainment circle. In any case, it meets the pre-requirements of the protagonist. After nearly a year of development, Ren Xing has gained a firm foothold in the entertainment industry, although he has not yet won the best actor award, but he believes that day will not be too far away. This kind of Ren Xing can be said to be more suitable for the identity of the protagonist than Mu Qing in any way. After Mu Qing was not qualified, it was not surprising that Ren Xing was elected. Yougan strolled along the island for a while before returning to the camp. He went back just in time to see that everyone was applauding for Ren Xing, and he didn't know why: "What did you do?" Ren Xing covered his mouth and stepped back a few steps before he said awkwardly, "I ate a few mealworms." "How does it taste?" "Well.." Apple flavor, not bad. You Gan nods: "That is, I let a person take an apple to feed technically rise, impossible unpalatable.". If you like it, I'll give you a few catties to make it more fragrant. Even if it's apple, it's a bug! Ren Xing shook his head quickly: "No, no, no, no.". I'll rinse my mouth first and talk to you later. Then he ran away and slipped away. Ren Xing slipped away, and 888 was busy making a snitch to Yougan: [Host host, I found out that someone on the Internet brought a rhythm before, saying that you looked down on the anchor, treated the anchor as a toy for fun, and deliberately designed abnormal punishment tasks for them, just to satisfy their abnormal hobbies.] 'And Then? ' Then the fans of the anchor exploded, especially the fans of Nannan, who felt sorry for Nannan and asked to change the punishment task. Nannan explained to them, but they didn't listen, and they thought you were threatening Nannan. Fans of other female anchors are also wavering, and the anchors can't be appeased. Success is also Xiao He's failure, and Yougan feels that these fans are what he is talking about. The punishment task link he set seems to make the female anchors suffer, but in fact, it is also letting more people know them from other aspects. If there are only physical survival challenges, how can female anchors highlight themselves? Is it really a vase to run to the end? Before the opening of the punishment task,side impact beams, what is everyone's impression of the anchorwoman: drag oil bottle, soy sauce party, vase running.