"From then on, as long as the people in the village went into the mountains, they would never return." The village chief said, "Everyone says it's the dead family that haunts us.". Over time, we agreed that the villagers would never go into the mountains unless they had something important to do. At this point, the village chief suddenly began to howl. The people in our village have always abided by this saying, but it happened that those outsiders, those outsiders, were desperate to go in. They were all fascinated by the ghosts in the back hill. It must be that the ghosts in the back hill were too lonely, so they had to find more people to accompany them. The village chief cried bitterly, but we didn't have the heart to take care of it at all. We just looked at Rong Qi at the same time. From the beginning of entering the village head's house, Rong Qi has been silent, just standing at the window, looking out of the window. Not far from the window, is a green mountain, should be the village head they said the back hill. In the end, Rong Aotian could not hold back and said tentatively,wholesale plastic pallet, "Lord Rong Qi, what should we do now?" Only then did Rong Qi come to his senses. He took one look at the village head who was crying on the ground and said lightly, "Prepare to go into the mountain." The village chief stopped crying and looked at Rong Qi in shock. Absolutely, absolutely can't go in that place, absolutely can't go in. Why don't you listen to me? "In the middle of the village head's words, Rong Qi suddenly turned and looked at him.". Rong Qi's eyes were so cold that the village head was so frightened that he couldn't say a word. Find someone to help us lead the way. Rong Qi looked indifferent, but his tone was beyond doubt. Perhaps Rong Qi's aura is too strong,collapsible bulk container, has been strongly opposed to the village head, at this time stammered a few times, finally trembling to open his mouth: "If you must go in, go to find old man Mo to show you the way." "Old Man Mo?" "What you saw at the door just now was old man Mo and his granddaughter Yueyue.". Old man Mo is a fortune-teller in our village. He has been looking for corpses in the mountains since outsiders came to the back hill in groups to commit suicide. Occasionally, he will find a few people who give up suicide halfway and bring them back. Sure enough, that old man Mo is not an ordinary person. What did the person who gave up suicide say? I couldn't help asking. The village chief shivered. All the people who came out, even if they didn't die, were crazy and said they saw a lot of terrible things in the mountains, so I tell you, this back hill really can't get in. Rong Qi ignored the village head and went straight out of the door. After giving some money to the village head, Rong Ze hurriedly took us to follow him. We soon found a small house closest to the foot of the mountain behind the village under the identification of the villagers. Outside the house, old man Mo was smoking a hookah, plastic trash bins ,plastic pallet supplier, and Yueyue was kicking a shuttlecock beside him. When old Mo saw us, he was not surprised at all. "You're here," he said slowly. Master Cheng Ying stepped forward and said politely, "Senior, we want to go into the back hill to see the old house. Is it convenient for you to show us the way?" "Oh, you pedestrians are much more capable than an old man like me. Do you want me to lead the way?" Old Mo smiled sarcastically and his eyes fell on Rong Qi. "Especially the zombies of nearly a thousand years, where can my old man compare with them?" I was stunned. This Mo old man, as expected quite has the ability, unexpectedly saw Rong Qi's true identity at a glance. Rong Qi was not surprised, but said lightly, "The trees in this mountain forest are all planted according to the art of Qimen Dun Jia. I don't know this way. If I go into the mountain, I will get lost." Old Mo's face changed slightly. It seems that this is not the first time you have entered the Red Leaf Mountain. Only then did I know that the back mountain was called Hongye Mountain. Rong Qi glanced at the mountain and looked unpredictable. Nine hundred years ago, once. Old Mo shook his hand and blurted out, "Do you know the Ye family?" "Know?"? "" Rong Qi smiled coldly, "more than knowing each other." Old man Mo took a meaningful look at Rong Qi, was silent for a long time, and suddenly sighed. Alas, it's all karma and good fortune. In that case, I have no reason to stop you. Old Mo said, "It's just that I can't go into the mountains since I was hurt by the ghosts in the mountains in the first half of the year, but I can ask my granddaughter to take you in." We all looked suspicious. Yueyue looks like a girl with thin arms and legs. Can she get into such a dangerous place? Old Mo seemed to have guessed what we were thinking and said, "Don't worry, my granddaughter is talented and intelligent, and her ability today is not much worse than my old man's." People have said that, we naturally can not say anything, can only promise to thank. But we can't go in today. Old man Mo added again. Why Rong Ze frowned. Old man Mo gave a sneer. You have the ability of course not afraid, but you bring this girl and these men, what ability is not, can the top of the past? I asked Yueyue to buy something for self-defense before you go in. Old man Mo was referring to me and several members of the Rong family. Everyone looked at Rong Qi, and he nodded. This night, we took a break in Jiang Village. The only house in the village where a bunch of us are stuffed is the village head's house. Old Mo sent Yueyue to the nearby town to buy black dog blood, black donkey hooves and other things to ward off evil spirits, while we had dinner at the village head's house. Because there were too many people to fit in the dining room, we gathered around the courtyard to eat. While eating, I stared at the Red Leaf Mountain in the distance. Hongye Mountain is about 500 meters high, with dense vegetation. Under the moonlight, the shape of the mountain is a bit like a running man. I am always very taboo about this kind of mountain which looks like a human. The main reason is that when I was a child in the orphanage, there was also such a mountain next to it. President Wu always told us ghost stories, saying that this kind of mountain in human form was formed after demons and ghosts were fixed by Taoist priests. It was very evil. I looked at Hongye Mountain in a trance. It was getting dark. Suddenly, I saw a flash of light on the mountainside. At first I thought I was wrong,wholesale plastic pallet, I blinked, but I saw that there was really light on the mountain! The meat on my chopsticks was immediately scared off. Look at that! I spoke in a panic. "Why is there a light on the Red Leaf Mountain?" The others also changed their faces slightly, but both the village chief and Rong Qi looked calm. cnplasticpallet.com