You can't use human beings to fight monsters, and Macaulay's death is a blow to them. There is no doubt about this man's ability, but the biggest problem is that no matter how strong Macaulay is, ordinary people can't deal with monsters. Under the oppression of the NUP, they have to use some methods that could not be used before to promote talents. This action is quite dangerous, but they can only wait for death slowly without taking risks. Watch the way things are handled after Leland Garros' big win. I knew that this man would never be complacent because of a victory. Contempt the world, bold and careful. Unscrupulous, and not burdened by debauchery and wealth, is almost a madman in troubled times. This kind of person may suffocate to death in peacetime, but in wartime, it is his world. Aware of this, USE must respond. His presence here is top secret, and there are also people in Africa who have gone there. They have ruled the world for so many years, and it is not so easy to collapse. Li Feng still took his super beauty staff around to attend the banquet, have to say, has let those who have some expectations of the young people completely desperate, really did not expect that now the military sent a slag than a slag. But there is no way, Li Feng is not the first, nor the last. The second battle group, the training of the third battle group is still in progress, because each team has appeared the leader of the first battle group, but also stimulated the soldiers of the two battle groups, the same training, the ordinary soldiers of the devil battle group actually with their captain a level, this is really let the soldiers very unconvinced. Are people,silk olive tree, the first battle group is not more than they have more eyes and more legs, they do, they can do it, but. Some things can't be done just by thinking. Come on, come on, are you women? Hurry up, don't you see that the other side is already ten minutes faster than us! "Team, captain, he is the first battle group ah,faux ficus tree, we." "Put your wula fart, what's wrong with the first battle group, we are all the devil's battle brigade, who said this frustrated words to me to go away, quickly!" "Brothers, if you fight with these bastards, it's a man on the ground!" The anger was aroused, the soldiers rushed forward one by one, training is absolutely more bitter than fighting, but also desperate, not to mention in such a crazy pursuit, the distance was a little bit closer. On the other side, there is a fight going on. Each team of soldiers forms a circle. In each circle stands an ordinary soldier of the first battle group. These people are just randomly selected. They are absolutely ordinary members of the first battle group. Wu Chao, go! "Diego, go!" The captains watched their fighters rush up one by one, then be thrown out one by one, and the wheels fought, but the best result was just to make the other side look ugly, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,artificial banyan trees, and none of them could win. It was Genon, the soldier of the eighth battalion of the first battle group, who was an ordinary soldier, but this man suppressed a whole team. At the beginning, the soldiers were in high spirits one by one. If they could kill this arrogant guy, they must be angry. But now a small team has been turned over. Those who are standing are still standing, but the others are lying on the ground one by one. The other teams aren't faring any better. Genon stood there, looking coldly at the soldiers of the Third Battle Group who had fallen to the ground with a depressed face. He snorted coldly: "No, it's over. It's really a grievance to be in the same establishment with you." Jenon, you're crazy. Is it necessary to talk like this when you are a brigade? "Yes, what's so great about being able to fight?". We are mobile suits! Genon's face did not change color, looking at these guys on the ground more contemptuous eyes, "the original will only play lip service ah, who can defeat me, I will give him the position in the first battle group!" "杰农 . That's what you said! Yes, that's what I said. Your captain, Aubrey, can be a witness. Genon said that the captain was also a member of the first battle group, so he did not participate in the war. Mom, brothers, the wheel battle, tired and tired to death. I testify. If anyone can defeat him today, I will recommend him, no matter what method he uses! Aubrey said that he was observing the situation of his soldiers to select the first batch of people to learn the crazy fighting skills, but to observe the potential, first of all, let everyone go all out, and other teams are also carrying out this activity in batches. These people are still tired all day, which is much better than they used to be. As soon as they sang, the scene became different. Aubrey laughed in her heart. These children are really funny. To deal with a berserker, there are not many people. Jenon doesn't even use half of his strength. Sure enough, the soldiers came up with all their strength, even scratching and biting. Gradually, I don't know when. From picking one to picking many. As a result, three rounds passed and a group of people lay on the ground again. Because the soldiers fought very hard, Genon was also ruthless. After all, there was a gap between his control system and the captain's level. Aubrey, I'm sorry, your soldiers are too weak. I just warmed up and they are not good. I need to take a shower first. This weather is like a sauna. Then he used his eyes and swaggered away. Aubrey's face darkened and he turned to his players. "What's the matter? Are you out of breath?" "Captain, this guy is so awesome. Damn, he's not human. My bones." "You mean this is the end?" People's faces are a little ugly. Reality and slogans are really two different things. They have just lost their confidence in a contest. Captain, Genon is so awesome that we.. "Awesome fart, who shouted just now, all men, who are afraid of who, this is weak, Wu Chao, you are not claimed to have learned kung fu, this is your kung fu, soft and weak, Diego, have you practiced boxing, I think it is playing cotton!" Aubrey made the crowd bow their heads, gasp and look low, and Aubrey knew it was almost time. Do you know why you can't beat him? "Captain,outdoor ficus tree, show us the way!" "Yes, the captain is also a berserker, and he must know how to win!" 。