Zhu Haimei smiled happily, "see you can make money, can share the responsibility of the family for your man, really happy for you!" Xiaofeng suddenly blushed and felt embarrassed. She was a little proud. She blushed and said, "General Manager Zhu, we have agreed to invite you to dinner when I get my salary. You must come!" "All right." Zhu Haimei said happily, "Don't talk about how much money you earn outside, so as not to make everyone unhappy." Xiaofeng bit her lower lip and said, "Chunlan's sister-in-law often looks for me and asks me to intercede with her here to see if she can also come to work here." Zhu Haimei smiled dimly and said, "At that time, I said in the courtyard that the garment factories in our city would recruit workers in large quantities. When the recruitment information came out, I would tell everyone.". Chunlan doesn't know how to sew. It's too untalented to come to work here. Xiaofeng is a smart person, hurriedly said: "I also say so, Chunlan sister-in-law has technology, here, is a bit of a waste.". All right, General Manager Zhu, it's all right. I'll go first. You can talk if you have something to say. Zhu Haimei sent her away, happy to open the box to see, she wants those have,75 smart board, presumably the drizzle came, see these things must be very happy! Shen Dongyuan brought out the food and said, "Let's eat!" "Didn't you say the drizzle would come at eight o'clock? Shall we wait for her to come and eat together?" "Don't wait," said Shen Dongyuan. "There's still food in the pot. If she comes and doesn't eat, just heat it up for her." "It's too simple. It's not very good. It's the first time someone has come to our house." "Don't worry, she won't care," said Shen Dongyuan. I heard Xiaofeng just come over and say that Chunlan is going to work in your company. "Yes,interactive touch screens education, what did she say, but I'm sure I won't let her go, lest she spoil a pot of soup with a rat droppings." Shen Dongyuan was drinking soup, and when he heard this, he couldn't help choking. Is that funny? Zhu Haimei asked. A piece of rat droppings, your analogy is really amazing, I mean it! I don't want her to go. After dinner, Zhu Haimei kept looking at the clock, thinking about how it was less than eight o'clock! Originally, she wanted to go downstairs to pick up the drizzle, but Shen Dongyuan wouldn't let her. He said it was too eye-catching. She was a little confused. What was there to stand out. Shen Dongyuan looked at her restless appearance and said, "What are you worried about? People will come sooner or later." Zhu Haimei took one look at him and said, "How can you understand my feelings? The last time you were hospitalized in Beijing, she invited me to drink coffee. She finally came here once. I couldn't come up with anything good to entertain her, interactive panels for education ,smart boards for conference rooms, and I wasn't allowed to pay attention to it!" "How can it be so clear between friends? The drizzle won't care about it." Shen Dongyuan sat on the sofa with the newspaper and turned it over carelessly. Like you know her better than I do. Zhu Haimei muttered. Shen Dongyuan is speechless. Well, can't he stop talking? Said to come at eight o'clock, really on time, just after eight o'clock, the door was knocked. Zhu Haimei was so excited that she jumped to open the door. She was so surprised that Shen Dongyuan shouted in the back: "Slow down." Zhu Haimei opened the door and saw that it was really drizzling, and her face was full of laughter. Shen Dongyuan looked at plum's cheerful smile and was very moved. Probably this is this period of time, plum encountered the happiest thing! Zhu Haimei took two steps, and the drizzle found that her feet were not very convenient. She asked, "What's wrong?" Naturally, her words were the same as those to Xiaofeng. She knocked in the middle of the night. Only then did the drizzle see her belly, and then pointed to her belly and said in surprise, "It's not there!" "Yes, four months." Zhu Haimei touched her stomach with her hand and said. "Wow!" The drizzle touched her stomach curiously and said, "Sister Plum, why didn't you tell me earlier? I came empty-handed and didn't bring a gift to my godson." It's good that you're here. I haven't seen you for a long time. You're still the same. ” "I don't care about Mei Zijie. We can agree that when the child is born, I will be the godmother of the child. I have made a reservation. I can't let others rob me." Zhu Haimei said, "OK, no problem. Then you have to prepare a big red envelope. I have to see if the red envelope is big enough before deciding whether to let you be it." "Then let's say so." Said the drizzle happily. Zhu Haimei patted his head and said, "I've been chatting with you, but you haven't eaten yet!"! Shen Dongyuan, go to heat the meal for the drizzle. "I ate, I ate." Said the drizzle hurriedly, and then said with a smile, "Sister Plum, did you prepare bread and cakes for me? Give me some to eat!" Chapter 564 which General Manager Yang? Zhu Haimei pointed to the big box in the living room and said, "Where is it? It's all yours." The drizzle was so frightened that his chin almost fell off. He couldn't believe it and said, "No." "Take it back and share it with your family when you want to go." Drizzle means very messy, the key is that she does not go back to Beijing! As soon as Zhu Haimei looked at her expression, she understood that she was not really hit by Shen Dongyuan's crow's mouth. She asked, "Don't you go back?" The drizzle nodded dejectedly and said, "Yes, although I want to take it away, I really can't!" " Zhu Haimei could only say with regret: "Then you'd better choose your favorite food to eat, and you can only put it in your stomach." Drizzle hurriedly nodded, opened the box, picked up two or three kinds of favorite food, took out, while eating, while chatting with Zhu Haimei. Although they have not met several times, but from the feeling that they feel very close, and so long did not meet, two people have no strangeness, chat is both relaxed and happy. They chatted happily, but Shen Dongyuan frowned and looked at his watch. It was already 9:30. It wasn't that he didn't want to leave a drizzle, but if she had a task,65 inch smart board, the most important thing was time. The drizzle noticed that Shen Dongyuan was looking at her watch. She raised her wrist and exclaimed, "It's over. It's too late.". Sister Mei, I can't. I have to go. 。 hsdsmartboard.com