Druids, in particular, are delighted about the Mage WoTLK Gold Tower's return since it brings a much-loved animal-form for Druids' specialization for Guardians The werebear is going to be returning for the first time. Beyond a skin the werebear's look came with unique animationsthat make it an essential look for Druid Warcraft. While the exact appearance of the werebear from Legion won't be returning with Patch 9.1.5's Mage Tower, a new, fel-themed version of the form will be.

The inclusion of the Mage Tower as part of Legion timewalking in patch 9.1.5 is yet another reason the upcoming patch for WoW is set to be among the most popular patches in WoW history. Many of the changes that fans have requested will be included in the update, like the removal of Conduit Energy, changes to the game's widely-disliked AOE cap, and more. The update will also include a variety of different character creation options for all of the game's playable Allied races.

9.1.5 patch 9.1.5 will also allow Blizzard make several minor changes to this game in the form of changing the names of old achievements, eliminating unsuitable imagery, and modifying the game's references to the past Blizzard employees. This move comes in context of a California state of California lawsuit accusing Activision Blizzard of buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold having a "frat boy" culture of discrimination and harassment against women. Patch 9.1.5 is currently on the game's public test domain and does not yet have an official date for release.