In elementary grades, it is important for parents to create the most friendly field around the lessons. The child has the right to test his abilities, make mistakes, not do his homework and see what follows. A trusting relationship with parents will help, who will support and help, no matter what grade the student would bring.

Give your child personal space
If your boss sat next to you and commented on every action, every word that was written, how long would you last? It is better to leave the child alone while he does his homework. First, you should plan together what should be done, break the task into specific operations. Often you have to explain the conditions of tasks and exercises. Many breakdowns occur due to the fact that the student simply does not understand what is required of him. Then leave, but be within reach in case there are new questions about the material. At the end, check the lessons, find the mistakes (it is more useful to point out them, rather than give answers - the student himself will redo them). But the student will be sure that he is not alone with incomprehensible tasks, together you will cope.

Talk about what is important to the child

Motivate not with what worries you, but with what is close to the child. One has this conformist mood: not to be the only one who did not do the lessons, to be in the subject, like all the other students. In the rest - a developed spirit of competition: to do better or more original than others. Fantasize together about a "glory moment" to strive for. If a child constantly seeks help from the authors service, then he will lose the taste of victories, because without independence there are no victories. Convince those who are afraid of stress that homework is like a test rehearsal, only mom is nearby.

Practice and it will be easy. If the student has strong cognitive interests, it is important to add something interesting to the lessons. Yes, you will have to "sweat", looking for additional information. But this is no more difficult than fighting, driving a child behind notebooks. If there is an exploratory attitude, the student wants to get personal experience. He will be concerned about how to apply this knowledge in life, why they are. Show or find a video on the desired topic. Even better, invite the student to look for it themselves and discuss it with you. Emphasize that homework is more mature than classwork as you learn to work on your own.