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OSRS Community understands what matters most

23 Jun 10:49 AM to 30 Jun 10:49 AM
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Hosted By Wuyahong
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OSRS Community understands what matters most True for good reason. It matters most to say altering op updates. Bunch of heads could be op. They could balanced about it to make it not op, they removed the choice for it providing CoX to you. They were open to not polling it giving hydra activities, they could've easily corrected the weight for infrequent slayer boss tasks(graardor, zilyana, etc.). Having a proper block listing you'll be able to find a boss task from Duradel over 50 percent of the time, with another 30% being quickly tasks or unbelievable exp tasks. Leaving you only having to bypass 20% of jobs, we already have boss slayer. Welcome to our website thanks https://www.rsorder.com/old-school-rs-gold

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